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Sink the Bismarck!

Sink the Bismarck! was beer amplified, with the volume turned full up to 41%, and was the World's Strongest Beer when it was released in 2010. After our arch rivals German brewery Schorschbräu stole the crown from Tactical Nuclear Penguin we had to retaliate.

The title changed hands a few more times until we buried the hatchet in 2021 and collaborated with our old foes to create a new World's Strongest Beer - Strength in Numbers.

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Sink the Bismarck is a quadruple IPA that contained four times the hops, four times the bitterness and frozen four times to create at a staggering 41% ABV. This was IPA amplified, the most evocative style of the craft beer resistance with the volume cranked off the scale. Kettle hopped, dry hopped then freeze hopped for a deep fruit, resinous and spicy aroma. A full out attack on your taste-buds ensues as the incredibly smooth liquid delivers a crescendo of malt, sweet honey, hop oils and a torpedo of hop bitterness which lasts and lasts.

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By pushing the boundaries in brewing we can highlight all that is exciting about craft beer and make more people aware that an alternative to mass market beers exist. As a company responsible consumption and better education about beer is ingrained in all we do. Beer has a terrible reputation in Britain, it’s ignorant to assume that a beer can’t be enjoyed responsibly like a nice dram or a glass of fine wine. A beer like Sink the Bismarck! could be enjoyed in spirit sized measures.

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Mr. President


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Lucky Break 4 pack


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