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Modern Scottish Spirits

When you are as obsessed with quality as we are, you can’t let someone else make your base spirit. So we don’t.

We distil everything from scratch, to our own fanatical standards in our Aberdeenshire distillery. No corner-cutting or money scrimping. Authentic spirits, made by BrewDog from grain to glass.

Introducing our new spirits lineup

The new BrewDog Distilling Company range is currently available in ASDA and Morrison's, and will launch in our online store this July.

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LoneWolf Gin is handcrafted and distilled in small batches using our bespoke copper pot stills, we infuse a unique blend of the finest botanicals from across the globe to create a wildly different gin.

Immerse yourself in flavours of smooth Tuscan juniper, zesty lemon and grapefruit, floral lavender and a hint of pepper spice. Made in Scotland by spirit lovers, and inspired by centuries of distilling know-how, LoneWolf paves the way for a never-ending pursuit of perfection.

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Abstrakt Vodka is the ultimate expression of purity, created to be sipped neat or with your favourite mixer or cocktail. Crafted by hand and distilled five times using our bespoke triple-bubble copper pot stills for show-stopping smoothness, so only the finest spirit makes its way into our beautiful bottles. Discover a canvas of crisp clarity that gives you the freedom to create your drink, your way.

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Duo Rum is an exquisite marriage of Caribbean and Scottish rum, infused with the finest spices from across the globe to create an authentic taste of the tropics. Scotland has a long but often overlooked history of making rum, so we’re here to put it back on the map.

Bursting with zesty orange, zingy lime, sweet vanilla, fiery ginger and spicy kola. Pour Duo over cubed ice, top with ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime.

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The construction of our brand new, state of the art distillery is now complete. We have a 20-metre-high rectification column capable of providing an extremely pure spirit as well as a revolutionary triple bubble whisky pot still that we designed ourselves. The new distillery will enable us to scale our production to help us keep up with the demand for our range of gins, rums, vodkas and our soon-to-launch BrewDog whisky.

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Our mission is one of bold simplicity – to create the absolute best Scotch whisky imaginable. Our venture into the world of flavour in whisky has led our team of distillers under the stewardship of our Master Distiller, Steven Kersley. Over the coming years, we’ll be laying down hundreds of casks, featuring a mixture of barrels (from sherry to bourbon), championing flavour at the heart of what we do.