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P.O.P Soda from BrewDog commits 100% of profit to fund climate solutions.

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Say hello to P.O.P Soda. A soda that commits 100% of all profits we earn from making the soda to help our planet.

The people who brought you good beer now bring you good soda. But soda with a difference. One that delivers a radical new business model for the twenty-first century. That puts the planet over profit. That raises awareness of the climate crisis and unites people for a better tomorrow.

See our FAQs for more detail on how our donations are calculated and what causes we will support.

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Because small things, like drinking our soda, can make a big difference.

P.O.P Soda is more than a drink. It’s a commitment. Its purpose is to give 100% of the profit* we make from manufacturing the drinks to the planet. We believe business is the best route to drive rapid change. And it enables all of us to play our part. But the clock is ticking— ending the climate crisis means united action now. So next time you choose a soda, make sure it's one that can really make a difference.

P.O.P Soda can be found exclusively in Tesco, BrewDog Bars and on

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Our sodas are developed by our master brewers. So they taste amazing and do good things.

Soda with a new perspective. We’ve developed our P.O.P sodas with our master brewers, who understand the nuances of flavour blending, to create delicious new recipes and twists on old favourites. It’s a range free from artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes and with four bold flavours: Citizen Cola, Dark Cherry, Jagged Grapefruit, and Hazy Lemon.

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Our aim is to fund solutions to the climate crisis.

We are looking for like-minded causes focused on using the profit to help accelerate high impact projects that will save our planet. Every quarter we will select a number of causes in conjunction with our independent scientific advisors. Get in touch today and together we can make the difference for tomorrow. One soda at a time.

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*The 100% of profits committed to fund climate solutions only applies to profits generated by POP Soda Limited and does not extend to profits made by Tesco and other retailers (including BrewDog bars) who sell or serve P.O.P soda drinks.